• 64: Beauty Vs Qualities

    64: Beauty Vs Qualities

    King Chandragupta once asked Chanakya,”Have you ever thought that alas! if I was also handsome? Chanakya replied,”Me Lord,”A person is recognized by his qualities and not beauty.” Chandragupta asked,”Can you give any such example, where beauty has been belittled against qualities.” Chanakya called one of the attendants and gave him some instructions. In a short […]

  • 63: Positive Thinking

    63: Positive Thinking

    “Dad, I need you help to do my homework”, came the son’s call. The father was distressed due to his other problems and asked the son to go away. After some time the father had calmed down and went to see his son. The son had gone to sleep holding his notebook in his hand. […]

  • 62: How to be happy

    62: How to be happy

    A crow living in a jungle was very happy with his life. One day he saw a duck and he thought,”This duck is so much white and I am dark black. This duck must be the happiest bird in this world.” He went and told the same thing to the duck. The duck replied,”I also […]

  • 61: Charity

    61: Charity

    After taking rest at a camp the group started to go ahead. They were to pass a dark tunnel on their journey ahead. As they entered the tunnel , they felt some small pebbles pinching their feet. Some of them felt that these pebbles should not pinch their friends coming behind them so they picked […]

  • 60: As you Sow, So shall you Reap

    60: As you Sow, So shall you Reap

    A farmer, besides doing his farming,  used to produce and  sell butter in a nearby town. One day his wife produced butter and gave it to him. The farmer went to the town to sell the butter. The butter used to be in the form of big balls. He went to the town and as […]

  • 59: Luck and Hard Work

    59: Luck and Hard Work

    One day a few friends went to a betel nut shop. That was their regular joint. The shop owner there was very talkative. Whenever they went there, they used to feel as if he was waiting for them only to start a conversation. They used to ask him to prepare betels for them. While preparing […]

  • 58: Mirror

    58: Mirror

    After returning from office the son was immersed in his thoughts. Seeing this, the father asked,”Son, what are you thinking?”. Son replied,” Dad, I am thinking that all the people in this world are selfish. My employees are not committed to the company, even my wife, children and friends come to me for their own […]

  • 57: Spend Less

    57: Spend Less

    During the freedom struggle Lal Bahadur Shastri was in jail. “Servants of the People Society” set up by Lala Lajpat Rai used to give financial assistance to the families of the freedom fighters so that they don’t suffer hardships. Lal Bahadur Shastri’s family used to get an assistance of Rs. 50. He wrote a letter […]

  • 56: Value Your Time

    56: Value Your Time

    Once, Mahatma Gandhi was invited to address a public gathering in a program. Those days he used to live in Sabarmati Ashram. The program was scheduled in a nearby village. Gandhiji’s daily schedule was always pre-planned. So he asked-“What time is the program scheduled for?” The volunteer told him the starting time of the program. […]

  • 55: Gratitude

    55: Gratitude

    A young man was on the look out for a job in a town. Even after the experience of several years and having a master’s degree he was not able to secure a job to his satisfaction. After several tries, he was called for an interview in a company.The interview went on nicely and after […]

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